for libxfce4util 4.16.0

libxfce4util Overview
Xfce Fundamentals
Version Information — Variables and functions to check the libxfce4util version
Internationalization — Internationalization and Localization Support Functions
Software Licenses — Software Licenses
Xfce Core Application support
Xfce Kiosk functions — Xfce Kiosk mode support functions.
POSIX Signal Handling — a callback system for handling POSIX signals safely
Xfce Utilities
Resource lookup functions — Resource lookup functions
Resource Config File Support — functions for reading and writing resource config files.
File Utilities — miscellaneous file-related utility functions.
Miscellaneous Utilities — miscellaneous file-related utility functions.
Unicode Manipulation — functions operating on Unicode characters and UTF-8 strings.
Xfce Data types
Xfce Generics — Generic data types and related functions.
Annotation Glossary