For libxfce4windowing 4.19.3. The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at

I. Introduction
II. Windowing Utilities
Library Configuration — libxfce4windowing config macros
Utilities — Miscellaneous windowing utilities
III. Core Library Interface
XfwScreen — An object representing a logical screen
XfwWorkspaceManager — An object that manages the workspace groups
XfwWorkspaceGroup — A group of workspaces
XfwWorkspace — A workspace that is part of a workspace group
XfwWindow — A representation of a toplevel window
XfwApplication — An object representing a desktop application
IV. Backend-Specific Interfaces
X11 Backend — Functionality specific to the X11 windowing system
Index of all symbols
Index of new symbols in 4.19.1
Index of new symbols in 4.19.3
Annotation Glossary